August 03, 2015



St. Luke 


What is the Episcopal Church?

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Recorded & Archived Sermons

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Scripture Lessons for the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost




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Clergy and Vestry


 The Vestry is the legal, canonical, and financial “board of trustees”. The Senior Warden (Warden of the Rector) and Junior Warden (Warden of the people) chair the vestry. Members are elected for three-year terms and lead the parish in setting policies and goals, maintaining the buildings, and raising financial support for the mission of the parish. For questions  please contact the Church Secretary at 717-272-8251 or


Vestry Officers

Beth Yocum - Senior Warden - 2016

Laurie Daub - Christian Education - 2016

Jason Yannuzzi - Growth and Development - 2016

Lauralee Gebhard - Outreach - 2016

Bryan Bowser - Worship - 2017

Tom Buzby - Junior Warden - 2017

John Gragson - Clerk - 2017

Richard Thrapp - Stewardship - 2017

Kathy Yohn - Fellowship - 2018

Soon (Martha) Slayman - Growth and Development and Outreach - 2018

Liam Nieman - 2018