August 29, 2015





Please join us for our first TOWN HALL MEETING concerning the Priest Search which will be Sunday October 4, 2015.  We will gather for one COMBINED SERVICE at 9 AM (Sung) and meet at 10:30.


 Some responses from our Congregation concerning things they find important in searching for our next Rector:


"This seems very important to us, someone who is deeply passionate about the Church and its teachings and who, through a refined and potent set of interpersonal skills, aids others in the development of their own similar passions.."


"We believe that Saint Luke's is blessed with one of the most splendid church buildings in America, and pray that it will continue to be cared for and restored as much as possible. It connects us, in a profound way, with generations of the faithful of Saint Luke's past..." 


"The liturgy--how we worship--is very important to us indeed.  We treasure the rich and emotionally resonant language of Rite I and find the solemn, serious execution of the most sacred parts of that liturgy to be completely appropriate..." 


For more information about our Priest Search, please click here




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Saint Luke's is happy to welcome our Interim Rector, Father David Zwifka.  Fr. Zwifka comes to us from the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania where he served as the Dean of the Harrisburg Convocation of the Episcopal Church and Rector of Saint Mark's Church.  His education includes studies at the Catholic University of America, Christ the King Seminary, and Houghton College.  He will begin his tenure with us September 1 and preside over services beginning that week.






The Vestry is the legal, canonical, and financial “board of trustees”. The Senior Warden (Warden of the Rector) and Junior Warden (Warden of the people) chair the vestry. Members are elected for three-year terms and lead the parish in setting policies and goals, maintaining the buildings, and raising financial support for the mission of the parish. For questions  please contact the Church Secretary at 717-272-8251 or  


Vestry Officers

Beth Yocum - Senior Warden - 2016

Laurie Daub - Christian Education - 2016

Jason Yannuzzi - Growth and Development - 2016

Lauralee Gebhard - Outreach - 2016

Bryan Bowser - Worship - 2017

Tom Buzby - Junior Warden - 2017

John Gragson - Clerk - 2017

Richard Thrapp - Stewardship - 2017

Kathy Yohn - Fellowship - 2018

Soon (Martha) Slayman - Growth and Development and Outreach - 2018

Liam Nieman - 2018