August 04, 2015



St. Luke 


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About St. Luke's

St. Luke's is a family church that is inclusive, diverse, and loving. Here is a place to grow, to learn, to share, to worship, to pray, and to love God and one another. We are a downtown church in a rural community and the only Episcopal Church in Lebanon County, PA. St Luke's has a closely knit congregation that cherishes and preserves its lively history while also gladly welcoming newcomers and visitors. We are fortunate to have a strong mix of families with long lineages as members and also a continually growing list of new members.

We reach out to each other through several of our groups and activities - a strong Episcopal Woman's Group (ECW), a men's group, our growing Sunday school program, gatherings on special Sundays, and our annual picnic. We regularly get together for other social outings that include trips, day treks, meals, sporting events or just simple gatherings at the home of a parishioner. Over the past several years, we have focused additional energy to work on the buildings and grounds. These projects have met two of our needs, the continued improvements and maintenance of our physical surroundings and the strengthening of our parish community.

Our mission is to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God. Our vision is to be God's family...Joyfully learning to know, to love, to serve Him more fully by creating an environment that will sustain and expand our knowledge and understanding of God and His world. By expressing our love through worship and by sharing our love through fellowship. By reaching out to others within both the parish and the community. St. Luke's is a wonderful, historic church with an active, loving, and caring congregation. Please feel free to visit and or join us. We would love to have you.