November 27, 2015





 Some responses from our Congregation concerning things they find important in searching for our next Rector:


"This seems very important to us, someone who is deeply passionate about the Church and its teachings and who, through a refined and potent set of interpersonal skills, aids others in the development of their own similar passions.."


"We believe that Saint Luke's is blessed with one of the most splendid church buildings in America, and pray that it will continue to be cared for and restored as much as possible. It connects us, in a profound way, with generations of the faithful of Saint Luke's past..." 


"The liturgy--how we worship--is very important to us indeed.  We treasure the rich and emotionally resonant language of Rite I and find the solemn, serious execution of the most sacred parts of that liturgy to be completely appropriate..." 


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Lay Eucharistic Visitors

An LEV is a Lay Eucharistic Visitor. This designation has been established by the church to allow for lay people to visit the sick and shut-ins and to take consecrated bread and wine to them. The bread and wine has already been consecrated (or blessed) by the church priest, so it is in the same 'state' as that which we have in communion at church.
The person receiving the sacrament from an LEV is someone who is unable to come to church either for a short period of time, like for someone convelesing from an operation or some illness or it could be a person who probably will never be able to return to active worship at our church.
An established short service is used by the person administering the sacrament. The LEV does not need any 'credentials' to get started. They are trained by someone who is already an LEV.
The sick and shut-ins miss being in the community of St Lukes and they miss being able to take communion. LEV's are a blessing to them and these visits are greatly appreciated by the shut-ins.
Anyone who is interested in learning more about the Lay Eucharist Visitor Ministry, please contact the church 717-272-8251 or email us at