November 24, 2015





 Some responses from our Congregation concerning things they find important in searching for our next Rector:


"This seems very important to us, someone who is deeply passionate about the Church and its teachings and who, through a refined and potent set of interpersonal skills, aids others in the development of their own similar passions.."


"We believe that Saint Luke's is blessed with one of the most splendid church buildings in America, and pray that it will continue to be cared for and restored as much as possible. It connects us, in a profound way, with generations of the faithful of Saint Luke's past..." 


"The liturgy--how we worship--is very important to us indeed.  We treasure the rich and emotionally resonant language of Rite I and find the solemn, serious execution of the most sacred parts of that liturgy to be completely appropriate..." 


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Outreach Ministry

COMMUNITY OUTREACHSt. Luke's is sensitive to the needs of its local community. Families within and without the membership are given assistance as the need arises. Meals are prepared for them, transportation given, spiritual guidance is available, individual needs are given attention, and prayers are continuously being offered on their behalf.


Recently, St. Luke's has teamed with the Community Action Partnership, to open "My Father's House," a shelter for displaced families requiring short-term lodging. This residence is in the church Rectory next door to St. Luke's. If you know any families in need of this type of assistance, please contact the church 717-272-8251 or email us at


St. Luke's is also a site for the HOPES (Helping Others by Providing Emergency Shelter) program in collaboration with Lebanon County Christian Ministries. This program allows us to cooperate with other area churches to provide overnight shelter for Lebanon's homeless throughout the winter months. If you would like more information about this ministry, please click here:


GLOBAL OUTREACHSpecial funds are made ready to assist in diocesan projects around the world. At present, the New Hope campaign is underway. Pledges have been made and monies sent to the Diocese of Bethlehem for a two pronged program. One area of concern is for Kajo-Keji in the Sudan. We are responding to the request of the diocese of Kajo-Keji for assistance in building the educational and organizational centers that will allow them to provide for their own future. The other area of concern is our own diocese and its needs.  The money for use  is to allow grants for the expansion of local projects and also to allow parishes to have seed money for new initiatives in serving those in need.



If you would like participate or learn more about outreach ministries, please contact the church 717-272-8251 or email us at