April 27, 2015

St. Luke 


What is the Episcopal Church?

Find out about the Episcopal Church and the history of this wonderful community on our What is the Episcopal Church page.  Click here for links of interest or meditation purposes.


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Come to the About Us section to learn more about our Parish community, and find out what we're all about!


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St. Luke's statement of policy for Safeguarding God's Children

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Rector's Thoughts

Thoughts or readings of interest from Father Terry.  Includes "On the Journey" spiritual resources.  Click on SERMONS above.  Then "Rector's Desk" for the blog,  or "On the Journey" for resources.


Scripture Lessons for the Fourth Sunday of Easter 




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Find out about our Youth Program and Sunday School.


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Long Term Parish Family: http://www.stlukeslebanon.org/ministries/prayer-circle/long-term-parish-family.html 


Military:  http://www.stlukeslebanon.org/ministries/prayer-circle/military.html


Nicene Creed:  http://www.stlukeslebanon.org/about/the-episcopal-church.html


Outreach Family: http://www.stlukeslebanon.org/ministries/prayer-circle/outreach-family.html  


Parish Family: http://www.stlukeslebanon.org/ministries/prayer-circle/parish-family.html


Prayer attributed to St. Francis: http://www.stlukeslebanon.org/ministries/prayer-circle/prayer-attributed-to-st-francis.html 


Prayers from The Online Book of Prayers for your Use:



Prayer Request: http://www.stlukeslebanon.org/ministries/prayer-circle/prayer-request-.html


The Confession of Sin: http://www.stlukeslebanon.org/ministries/prayer-circle/the-confession-of-sin.html


The Lord's Prayer:http://www.stlukeslebanon.org/ministries/prayer-circle/the-lords-prayer.html 



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