New Hope Campaign Thank You Letter

Dear Friend,

We’ve done something no one said could happen! After five years of New Hope we have accomplished the goals we set in 2007. We had a vision that we would follow Christ, literally. We would raise money , millions in fact, and give it all away. People told us we were crazy. People warned us not to build the schools in the Sudan, they would be torn down in short order. The schools are standing, the ignorant educated, the poor are being fed, clothed and healed, prisoners are ministered to, and the stranger welcomed. God is using us to bless people here and around the globe, via the New Hope Campaign.

Now as we come to the end of this phase in serving Christ, let us review the outcomes. To date 1000 donors have made $4,078,000 in gifts and pledges we believe will be paid. We have received $3,500,000 in payments. At home we have established a disaster relief program, supported emergency housing for individuals and families, supported healing, feeding and clothing missions. We have reached out to those newly arrived on our shores with newcomer education and helped prisoners stay i contact with their families. 

In Kajo Keji, we built the Bishop’s House, a college consisting of eight classrooms, a library, an administration building, a kitchen-dininghall, two student’s dorms, and three multiple family teachers’ dorms, and a VSAT satellite connection to the World Wide Web. We have completed and opened 5 primary schools (grades 1-8) and one secondary school (grades 9-12). Every morning in Kajo Keji, 2000 young souls recite their school prayers and read their lessons in the light of the lamp of knowledge lit by New Hope. The lamps so lovingly filled with oil by the bridesmaid known as the Diocese of Bethlehem. 

Where are we going from here? We have a million dollars in trust to support the schools and college in Africa. Stephen Tomor will remain our representative in Kajo Keji for an indefinite period to oversee maintenance of the schools, distribution of support funds, implementation of our Best Practices and to facilitate communications. We seek to continue NEPA support by building the trust to $500,000 and beyond, then distributing the income of the trust each year.

This is not the end but merely the end of our beginning. We don’t know what Christ is calling us to next but won’t it be fun finding out? You have and will continue to change lives. On behalf of the poor and ignorant to whom you have given New Hope, we pray that God continues to bless you, richly and beyond compare!

Rt. Rev. Paul V. Marshall &  Charlie Barebo, New Hope Chair