Parish Book Study

During our Vision 20 / 20 discernment process, there was almost total unanimity about the priority of our worship life as a fundamental aspect of our life as a parish. To help us “get on the same page,” the parish will spend the Easter Season undertaking an exciting new venture. Six Chapters-Six Weeks is a parish-wide read of Opening the Prayer Book by Jeffrey Lee.

What is a parish-wide read? You may have heard about similar programs under the title of “one book – one community” where an entire community reads the same book and comes together to discuss it in a variety of settings. Usually sponsored by libraries and other educational institutions, it is a powerful way to bring a community together on topics of interest and importance. There is no question that our common worship is one of those topics in our community of faith.

The book, Opening the Prayer Book, was chosen in part because of the responses given at our St, Luke’s Day event when we discussed areas of interest for Christian Formation. Many individuals showed strong interest for Liturgy and Worship, the Prayer Book, and Prayer and Spirituality. This parish-wide read hopes to touch each of these areas in a way that will be personally edifying and help us as a community to move toward our long term goal of becoming a Center of Excellence in Worship and Music.

Six Chapters-Six Weeks will include several events. First, a brief talk at a kick-off super coffee hour between services on Low Sunday, April 23rd. Then, during most of Eastertide, we encourage individuals to form discussion groups that meet either in homes or at the parish. Discussion questions are included in the book itself and a discussion guide will be provided by Father Zwifka to help get the conversation started. Just before Pentecost, on May 31st, we will gather for a pot-luck supper and a Rector’s Forum to discover what we have learned and what we may want to do further enhance our experience of worship at St. Luke’s.

Opening the Prayer Book is available through most online book services (including e-book formats) as well as The Episcopal Book Store ( and Cokesbury ( There will be a sign-up sheet for individuals who would like the parish to order a copy for them (cost: $15). Everyone is asked to secure a copy before the program begins on Easter Monday. Individuals wishing to host discussion groups should speak with Father Zwifka or Lisa Layser (parish administrator) to find help in sign-up activities that may be necessary.

You may access and download the Study Guide here.