“Following Christ”: Lent 2024

following Christ: simple suppers paired with meaningful presentations: Lent 2024

Join us each Thursday in Lent for a series of simple soup suppers that will feature a presentation on the ways and traditions of discipleship within the Episcopal tradition. This series is an ideal way to meet and greet your neighbors as well as to “brush up” on what, why, and how we believe—or to explore a new way of believing and following Jesus. All sessions are held at 6 PM in the Auditorium. Please register for the sessions you will be attending here.

 Session 1: Daily Personal Prayer [February 15]

This session presents Jesus’s call to a daily prayer life and practical suggestions to establishing a daily personal prayer time.

 Session 2: Hearing God in the Scriptures [February 22]

This session builds on the first session “Daily personal Prayer” by emphasizing the importance of Scripture, how we can learn to hear God speak to us through Scripture, and instruction on how to read Scripture within the context of daily personal prayer.

 Session 3: The Power of the Sacraments [February 29]

This session seeks to help people embrace the sacraments as an essential part of the Christian life. It looks at how the Eucharist becomes the source and center of our ongoing life in a Christian community and helps to tie all the other sacramental rites together.

 Session 4: Forgiving One Another [March 7]

This session seeks to help people see forgiving others as a necessary element of healthy relationships and as a key aspect of our relationship with God. Flowing out of this talk is a period of forgiveness prayer time rooted in the phrase of the Lord’s Prayer,  “Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.”

 Session 5: The Spirit-Empowered Life [March 14]

This session seeks to make participants aware that the Church teaches that the Holy Spirit is giving a renewed Pentecost, which is instilling a new and unforeseen power in our own day. The Holy Spirit is the one “who brings about events of amazing newness; he radically changes persons and destinies.” Scripture teaches us that it is the Holy Spirit who makes real our status as children of God, sanctifies, empowers, and gives us gifts for mission and ministry.

 Session 6: Advancing the Mission of the Church [March 21]

This session is designed to help us better understand that the Church’s purpose is to make the Good News known to all who want to accept it and enter into a relationship with Christ. This leads to a generous and compassionate lifestyle of loving service.