Sunday Sung Eucharist

The Nave in preparation for the 10:30 Sung Eucharist

Our 10:30 AM Sunday Service is titled a ‘Sung Eucharist.’  This service usually uses contemporary language but features Rite I language during the Lenten Season. Musically, we feature both congregational as well as choir singing.  The Choir leads the congregation in singing five or six hymns specially chosen to compliment the Gospel and other readings or themes.  In addition, a Psalm is lead by our Cantor and sung responsively by the Choir and congregation.  The choir leads the singing of certain prayers (Glory to God, Holy Holy Holy, Lamb of God, for example) and sings at least one Anthem for contemplation and reflection.  Our Sunday School is in session during this service, and usually dismisses so that the children can be a part of Communion.  On high holy days (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Saint Luke’s Day, All Saint’s Day, Christ the King), incense is used as an additional sensory worship tool and suggests the presence of the Holy Spirit. This service takes place in the Nave and is followed by coffee hour in our Auditorium.


At any Eucharist Service at Saint Luke’s, all persons of Christian Faith are welcome to receive Communion. If you would prefer to worship with us and not physically receive Communion, we encourage you to come forward with the other Communicants and cross your hands over your chest to receive a blessing from the Priest.