What to Expect: Liturgy and Music

The Lady Altar in the Nave is the location of the Saturday Night Vigil Eucharist

Saint Luke’s offers several different service concepts in the attempt to provide variety for persons who worship with us.


Our 8 AM Sunday Service is titled a ‘Said Eucharist.’  This service uses the sacred language of Rite I (elevated language such as ‘Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name’ as opposed to ‘Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name’ for example).  The service lasts about an hour.  People who attend this service remark that it is special due to its meditative silence, beautiful language, and intimate community. This service takes place in the Nave and is followed by coffee hour in our Auditorium.

Our 10:30 AM Sunday Service is titled a ‘Sung Eucharist.’  This service uses contemporary language and features both congregational as well as choir singing.  The Choir leads the congregation in singing five or six hymns specially chosen to compliment the Gospel and other readings or themes.  In addition, a Psalm is lead by our Cantor and sung responsively by the Choir and congregation.  The choir leads the singing of certain prayers (Glory to God, Holy Holy Holy, Lamb of God, for example) and sings at least one Anthem for contemplation and reflection.  Our Sunday School is in session during this service, and usually dismisses so that the children can be a part of Communion.  On high holy days (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Saint Luke’s Day, All Saint’s Day, Christ the King), incense is used as an additional sensory worship tool and suggests the presence of the Holy Spirit. This service takes place in the Nave and is followed by coffee hour in our Auditorium.

On Saturday at 5 PM we offer a Vigil Eucharist in contrasting concept to the Sunday Morning services.  The Vigil is an informal service and features a variety of music styles played on varying instruments including guitar and piano. This service takes place at the Mary Altar located in the North Transept of the Nave.


Our Weekday Service, Holy Eucharist and Service of Healing happens each Wednesday at 10 AM in Trinity Chapel in the Parish House.  This is a Said Eucharist with an intimate interaction between the Celebrant and the Participants who are encouraged to petition for healing (either on your behalf or behalf of someone else) and to be prayed for while physically having the hands of the Priest touching you.


At any Eucharist Service at Saint Luke’s, all persons of Christian Faith are welcome to receive Communion. If you would prefer to worship with us and not physically receive Communion, we encourage you to come forward with the other Communicants and cross your hands over your chest to receive a blessing from the Priest.


Finally, our Evensong Services happen monthly in the academic season.  Evensong is many people’s favorite service due to its beautiful sung commemoration of and thanksgiving for the end of the day.  Each service features a different composer’s setting of prayers including the Magnificat and the Nunc Dimittis as well as a prayer list of suffrages.  This service lasts about 45 minutes and usually is followed by both a recital or concert as well as a reception in our Auditorium.  Please find our Evensong Schedule here.

During these services, we have a tradition of reverent rituals which may or may not be familiar to you. For instance, when our Altar Party (Choir, Cantor, the Person Carrying the Cross, the People Carrying the Candles, the Assisting Ministers and the Priest) walks past the Congregation, many persons choose to bow when the Cross passes them as a sign of reverence. Similarly, many persons choose to bow when the Gospel Lectionary is carried past them immediately before the Gospel–also expressing reverence. Some persons choose to receive Communion while kneeling, other people will choose to stand. It is important to us for you to know that you are welcome to worship here however you may feel comfortable. Many of us come from greatly different faith backgrounds and have chosen Saint Luke’s because of the community; the ways that you show reverence are special to us as well and are welcome here.