July 28, 2015



St. Luke 


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On most Sundays, parishioners at St. Luke's experience a traditional Episcopal service. We have a spoken Rite I service at the early service and a sung Rite II service at the later service. The beauty and grandeur of the sanctuary in St. Luke's church gives a glimpse of our worship style. While tradition is still highly valued, continued adjustments to our worship postures(i.e.standing, sitting, kneeling) have made us more flexible and open minded in this regard. The way we pass the peace for several minutes throughout the church is a sure sign of our growth and development, as well as, a sign of our closeness as a congregation.


Indeed, high feast days are grand celebrations, with processions and very sophisticated music from the organ and the choirs. The altar party wears albs and the choir members are vested in traditional cassocks with cottas. The altar area itself is adorned with candles and flowers and blessed with incense. During the Christmas and Easter, the entire church is adorned with seasonally appropriate decorations by a team of eager parishioners, who use this task as an opportunity for fellowship, as well as, work.