It wasn’t about the money

It wasn’t the money Jesus was teaching about but the “grasping” the “holding on.” Immediately my mind goes to the kenosis described by Paul in the Philippians hymn: “Though he was in the form of God …” I have always been fascinated by the term used that is translated “grasped at” or “held on to” in Philippians 2:6: harpagmon – “a thing to be seized or greatly desired, a prize, a piece of good fortune”.

The fear of letting go whatever it is that I
genuinely prize in my heart of hearts. Truly, I must say that I do not know what that is. In Mark 10, Jesus knew what this was for the young man. I pray for this grace – that this will be revealed to me – what it is that I prize so greatly that it could keep me from embracing Jesus fully – and that it might cause me to turn away.

— read Mark 10:17-27

Source: Rector’s Blog

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