Positions at St. Luke’s

West Entrance of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Lebanon, PA.

St. Luke’s believes in empowering diverse ministries in the daily life and worship of the parish. The following positions are available and interested individuals are encouraged to follow the given directions below to find out more information and to apply.

As we rebuild momentum after the COVID-19 pandemic, the personnel needs of the parish continue to evolve. We are not currently able to add significant personnel compensation to our operating budget, so many of the roles must be filled by volunteers or for negotiated minimum compensation packages. 

If you are interested in developing your skills within a supportive and affirming environment (and all for positive impact in the Lebanon community), please contact us at admin@stlukeslebanon.org or by using our “Contact Us” page.

  • Ministry with Youth and Families (stipendiary)

St. Luke’s seeks to fill a position serving youth and families in the parish and wider community. The vestry has undertaken a process of discernment concerning the call of a new minister for Children and Family Ministries. This position may be filled by either clergy and lay members of the church. This position will be available after June 30, 2024 and will be a paid, part-time position.

General Description

A part-time professional, exempt position to provide leadership of children and their families within the parish community, with particular emphasis on Christian formation for young people. This individual will play a critical role in the parish as member the staff of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s staff, working with parish leadership, parents, and youth, and acting as a catalyst in connecting the youth to God, one another, their parents, the congregation, and the community.

The incumbent is directly accountable to the Rector and will collaborate with other members of the parish staff. When the office of Rector is vacant, the incumbent is directly accountable to the Senior Warden.

 Duties and Responsibilities

The Minister for Youth and Family Ministry shall:

1. Oversee the implementation of a full youth program including Church school, youth group, and special events.

2. Include Confirmation class as well as instructing the youth portion of any parish participation in Vacation Bible School

3. Develop healthy relationships with youth and their parents outside of regular programming

4. Lead and organize events such as youth mission trips, conferences, and summer activities

5. Recruit, train, support, and supervise adult volunteers

6. Assist in worship as well as preach occasionally, if desired

7. Share pastoral responsibilities such as hospital visitations as well as committee obligations as pertain to youth and young adults in the parish

8. Attend and participate in ongoing training, continuing education, and creative development as available

9. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Rector.

For more information, please contact our rector, The Rev. Dr. David A. Zwifka, at rector@stlukeslebanon.org or call the parish office (717) 272-8251. 

  • Choir Section Leaders (stipendiary)

St. Luke’s Church in Lebanon PA currently has open positions for choir section leaders in our Choir. Section leaders will sing at 3-4 Sunday morning services (10:30 AM) monthly and/or one Sunday evening service (6 PM) monthly from September through May. The Choir usually rehearses from 7:30 to 9:00 PM on Tuesday evening. The Choir generally sings from the English Cathedral repertoire and may present pieces in Latin, German, and French. You can read more about St. Luke’s and its music program at www.stlukeslebanon.org/music. An individual need not be a concert grade musician or a music major (if a student). However to be successful, one must be able to read music at an intermediate level and be willing to informally audition with our Choirmaster. Those who can sing in the tenor and bass ranges are especially encouraged to consider this position. 

A modest stipend is available for qualified individuals.

To learn more about this opportunity, please email us at music@stlukeslebanon.org.

  • Acolytes (non-stipendiary)

St. Luke’s eagerly desires to bolster the ranks of those dedicated to the ministry of acolyte. The ministry of acolyte in the Episcopal Church is an important element of worship. Individuals serving in this ministry assist the ordained minsters of the church in all aspects of worship. Assignments include carrying the cross and/or torches (candles) in processions, assisting at the altar for the Holy Eucharist, acting as thurifer (incense bearer) for more solemn ceremonies, and other duties as necessary to facilitate the community’s worship. Qualified individuals may also be trained as lay minister of the Eucharist to assist with the distribution of holy communion. The ministry of acolyte is often considered a “ministry portal” where young and old are introduced to various aspect of liturgical ministry in the church. If you or someone you know might be interested in fulfilling this important role in our common worship, please email us at admin@stlukeslebanon.org.

  • Ministers of Christian Hospitality (non-stipendiary)

In pursuit of a deeper sense of Christian stewardship, St. Luke’s seeks individuals who understand the importance of Christian hospitality in proclaiming the good news of Christ to others. The ministry of hospitality forms one of the most important elements of community life. As Christ welcomed all who sought good news, ministers of hospitality provide the “face” of the parish to all who enter our doors for worship or other programs. If you have a warm and outgoing personality and wish to serve Christ by serving others, this is the ministry for you. Opportunities exist for ushers and greeters at worship, hosts for fellowship hours, and stewards of community welcome.  

If you or someone you know might be interested in fulfilling one of these important roles in our community, please email us at admin@stlukeslebanon.org or call the parish office (717) 272-8251.