St. Luke’s is a family church that is inclusive, diverse, and loving. Here is a place to grow, to learn, to share, to worship, to pray, and to love God and one another. We are a downtown church in a rural community and the only Episcopal Church in Lebanon County, PA. St Luke’s has a closely knit congregation that cherishes and preserves its lively history while also gladly welcoming newcomers and visitors. We are fortunate to have a strong mix of families with long lineages as members and also a continually growing list of new members.

If you are new to Saint Luke’s or are considering joining us, we offer you some basic information about the church that you will hopefully find helpful for your visit. Please click on the quick link headings below for more information.

Information Quick Links:

• This Week at St. Luke’s and Parish Office Hours
• Location/Directions
• Parking
• Access for Persons with Specials Needs
• What Is The Episcopal Church?