Outreach at St. Luke’s

It has long been a part of the mission of St. Luke’s to be an integral part of our community and our Outreach Ministry has provided significant support to Lebanon and continues to today.  Historically, our Parish has been responsible for establishing several community resources (including Good Samaritan Hospital).

Today, we maintain an active role in providing support in several ways, including our cooperative Free Noon Meal, as well as our tutoring program at our neighboring Harding Elementary School. We are especially proud of our accomplishments of late regarding our evaluation of space and situating it for use as a community resource. In the past few years, we have implemented programming in our Fellowship Hall (Fresh Start Project) to help people who are in need of shelter. While this program has since moved to a permanent site at the Chestnut Street Community Center, we are still deeply involved both as a church and as individual volunteers. We are also cognizant of helping support our community-at-large through our Diocesan support of the New Hope Campaign in Kajo Kaji. Even our children and youth learn about the great grace associated with helping others; recently our church school participants independently raised $5000 to donate to families in Africa via the Heifer Project to supply them with farm animals!

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