Stewardship – Annual Membership Campaign

Stewardship: The Power of Christian Hospitality

Logo for the 2023-2024 Annual Membership CampaignSt. Luke’s hospitality should be like an oasis in the desert of life where people can find springs of water of new life and a place of rest and relaxation in the shadow of God’s presence.

Generosity and hospitality together represent a powerful combination that profoundly impact individuals and a community. When generosity and hospitality work together, they create an environment of warmth, openness, and genuine care for others. While generosity helps meet significant needs, hospitality fosters a sense of belonging and mutual respect among people. Practicing generosity and hospitality together can contribute to our personal growth and well-being as our acts of kindness and welcoming others lead to feelings of fulfillment, happiness, and a deeper sense of purpose. Strangers No More: The Power of Christian Hospitality shows us just how our stewardship giving helps us move to the next level of spiritual discipleship

Campaign Goals

Increase Number of Member Pledges from 64 to 70

Raise $210,000

Our campaign seeks to provide the resources necessary to:

  • Open our hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit to recognize and respond to the needs of those around us.
  • Increase our generosity by giving of our resources, time, and energy to bless others.
  • Walk humbly as we recognize that we all receive God’s grace and acknowledge our common need for God’s love
  • Extend Christ’s compassion through listening with greater empathy to others’ stories, joys, and struggles.
  • Foster unity amidst our differences by bridging cultural, social, and generational gaps that may exist among us.
  • Grow spiritually as we engage with new perspectives and learn from one another.

As the stewards of the mission and ministry of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, we are all entrusted to nurture and build on the legacy of our community, so that future generations will benefit from our rich religious heritage. Our work is only made possible through giving of your time, your talents, and your financial means. Your individual generosity multiplies when we give together.

Our 2023-2024 Annual Membership Campaign Strangers No More: The Power of Christian Hospitality is your personal opportunity to declare your financial intentions for the 2024 fiscal year. By banding together, we will be better able to meet the challenges before us. St. Luke’s celebrates the great diversity among its members and friends, including the diversity of financial situations. Your gift, regardless of the amount, is vital to proclaiming that God’s mission is our own.

Together We Answer the Call to Welcome All So None Are Strangers!

Our Annual Membership Campaign begins on St. Luke’s Day – October 15th – and ends with our In-Gathering on October 29th.

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