Weddings at St. Luke’s

Photo of St. Luke's Church in spring.Thank you for your interest in celebrating your wedding at St. Luke’s. We recognize the holiness of all human relationships and celebrate our ability to perform marriage rites for any couple. Weddings are occasions of great joy and we will strive to make your day special.  While stress can often accompany “the big day,” we are here to reflect the love of God, and to do all we can to support you in your life in Christ, with each other.  


As we seek to embody the love of Christ, Saint Luke’s welcomes all who seek the grace and love of God as expressed in Jesus Christ. You are welcome here whether you are a parishioner or not, whether you have been active in church attendance or not. You are welcome here if you have never been married or if you have suffered the pain and disappointment of separation and divorce. You are welcome here if you are straight or gay. We believe that love is a gift from God and that God rejoices in the love two people have for one another. It will be our great joy to support you and celebrate with you should you decide to be married at St. Luke’s.

(The Rev’d Dr. David A. Zwifka, Rector)


Why A Church Wedding?

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church affirms that marriage is a serious and sacred event because two complex, individual lives are being joined together as one. Through God’s love, which we believe is made visible in the Church, individuals can accomplish this amazing and lasting union.  A “church wedding” is traditionally held at the parish that is the spiritual home of at least one of the persons being married. This means that they, or their family, are active members of the parish as understood in the Episcopal Church. However, Episcopalians from another parish and indeed any Christian may, with their minister’s permission and support, be married here.   

Why St. Luke’s?

St. Luke’s has been the historic site for hundreds of weddings for more than 150 years. It is one of the most beautiful buildings Lebanon. Located in the heart of downtown Lebanon, all recognize St. Luke’s Church for the beauty of its historic buildings as well as for its spirit of welcome and hospitality. St. Luke’s offers two locations for your wedding ceremony: the main Church with seating for up to 250 guests and Trinity Chapel for a more intimate gathering of 15-20 guests. For a couple that envisions a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony, St. Luke’s provides a perfect setting.

All parishioners have a right to be married at St. Luke’s Church, if, after careful preparation, they are deemed ready to enter into this holy union. Accordingly, there is no cost for the use of the church or the services of parish clergy for a wedding of active parishioners. 

We are not members. Can we get married at St. Luke’s?

Because the celebration of a wedding involves not just the couple but the community that brought them to this point and will sustain them in their commitments, St. Luke’s Church proper or Trinity Chapel had been reserved for parishioners. Realizing that many people do not have a church community of their own, St. Luke’s seeks to make room for all who wish to be married here. Non-parishioner weddings will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We will do our best to accommodate weddings of non-parishioners, and welcome all inquiries. We suggest that these discussions take place a minimum of six months before a proposed date.

For those whose interest in having their wedding at St. Luke’s is a matter of a “beautiful venue,” parish leadership offers our parish’s sense of sacred hospitality to you. For all weddings, we offer several services that include a clergy celebrant, music, wedding planning, and premarital preparation. Accordingly, an alternate set of conditions and fees may apply. Once you have made a deposit to secure your wedding date and time, the exact services that you desire can be discussed with one of our resident clergy.

Does St. Luke’s celebrate same sex/gender weddings?

Our baptismal covenant requires all members of the Episcopal Church to seek Christ in all persons and respect the dignity of every human being. In living out our commitment, we recognize that two persons of the same sex can enter the kind of life-long, covenantal relationship that is the essence of marriage. St. Luke’s, consistent with the canons of the Episcopal Church, celebrates the marriages of two persons of the same sex/gender. All policies concerning other weddings, including premarital preparation, apply.

Where do we find more information?

For more information, including costs, premarital preparation, rehearsals and the like, simply download the brochure Your Wedding at St. Luke’s. You may also call the parish office at (717) 272-8251 or email us at for an appointment. 

Information on our program of Christian formation for marriage is available here