Vision 20/20: Mission Discernment



This artwork represents the common threads discovered in our visioning process and displays them in comparative size to how often they were mentioned.


VISION 20/20 described our parish’s road map to the future. It helps us discover parish’s vision and the transformational initiatives that guide our growth into that vision.

We have entered a new time of transition after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Transitions always involve introspection and self-reflection. VISION 20/20 originally emerged from our efforts to uncover what we understood as our “higher purpose” – that is, what it is exactly that we see as being of greater importance than ourselves and our personal desires. Many of the initiatives were “put on hold” because of the limitations imposed by the pandemic. Currently, we plan to take them up again as we move into a new phase of our life together.  

In our visioning process, we discovered that, while we needed to address some institutional questions about the way we organized things, deeper, more comprehensive transformations were needed. Following on that insight, we continue to probe what the future has in store for our community. Certainly, we continue to hold some things very dear, but we have established out willingness to adapt as necessary to bring clarity to the work of God among us and in the wider community.

St. Luke’s higher purpose consists principally in four “core elements”: Outreach, Christian Formation, Worship and Music, and Our Common Life. We recognize that these elements are mutually supportive and do not exist or operate in isolation from each other. They act like pillars holding a platform on which we build our community. Take one or another of them away, and the whole structure is in danger. They provide the foundation for our life as disciples of Christ.

You can explore these pillars further and the goals we set for ourselves in these areas on the pages listed below. As you explore, you will note that some of the goals will have been attained while others continue to inspire our life together as a community of disciples in Christ. We value your time, skills, and resources to help us attain our goals!

You may view the original Vision 20 /20 document here.