Christian Formation – Journey in Faith

Photo of Christian formation for children - Godly Play lesson

Mother Mary leads a lesson in Godly Play – Our core Christian formation program for children.

Jesus simply says,“Follow me.”​

(Matthew 4:19)

Those who choose to answer that challenge are called disciples or followers of Jesus. It is a call to be set apart, challenged, and taught to participate the mission of Jesus as he brings our world into the kingdom of God. Being a disciple is more than simply learning a few simple truths or accepting a body of religious teaching. It is a lifestyle, where we need to learn, grow, and practice the way of Jesus to so that others can see Christ dwelling in us. We develop this lifestyle by our Christian formation.

St. Luke’s offers both in person and online resources to grow in Christian discipleship. Our online resource, Journey in Faith, offers the tools to help discover, encounter, and respond to the call of Jesus at every stage of our personal growth and development.

Christian Formation for Children 

In person programming

We conduct in-person programming for children in our education wing located off the Parish Hall Auditorium. Proceed through the the auditorium – classroom wing is on the right. We conduct all programs in compliance with “Safe Church” policies and guidelines. (For more information on “Safe Church” policies and guidelines, please contact the parish office.)

Godly Play – Grades pre-K through 3

  • The story of Creation
  • The stories of the Great Family (Abraham and Sarah)
  • The story of the Exodus
  • The story of the Ten Best Ways
  • The story of Exile and Return
  • These stories will lay a foundation for understanding key figures in our faith. Key themese will include: creation, our fall from grace, God’s promises to God’s people, and the best ways to live according to God’s plan for us.

Biblical Studies Classroom – Grades 4 – 8

  • Learn about the books of The Bible
  • Discover important people, places, and ideas 
  • Practice learning and telling stories in a variety of ways
  • Build on experience from Godly Play

Vacation Bible School

Look for information on VBS this summer (2024). 

Online Programming for Children

Our online resources page dedicated to Children and their Parents click here.

Christian Formation for Adults

Our online resources dedicated For Adults contains links to various resources including the texts for the assigned lessons for the next Sunday’s worship, links to our weekly virtual bible study, adult forum, and Facebook discussion group. You can access information about upcoming adult level offerings outside of the parish (podcasts, courses offered from the Stevenson School for Ministry and more). 

Preparing for Baptism

The Episcopal Church envisions the sacrament of Holy Baptism as the tangible means by which we acknowledge our adoption by God as God’s children and our entrance into the Holy People of God as members of Christ’s Body, the Church. Such an important step in the life of a Christian needs to be carefully understood whether one is choosing Baptism for oneself or if parents seek to bring their children into the fellowship of the Church. the section dedicated to Preparing for Baptism addresses both approaches and seeks to help those contemplating Baptism to prepare properly. In this section, you will also find special information for parents and godparents.

Growing in Faith – Exploring “The Way” in the Episcopal Church

The section dedicated to preparation for Confirmation, Reception into the Episcopal Church, or a Reaffirmation of Faith contains information on our process of Growing in Faith. Some may ask, “What is ‘The Way’?” Jesus’ call to this disciples was simply “to follow me.” The Way acknowledges that being a Christian disciple is more than merely learning about doctrines and historical facts. It is about creating a way of life that empowers us to do the kingdom work that Jesus called us to do. Any person who seeks to grow in faith through this kind of commitment is encouraged to take this journey with us. By participating in several sessions and experiencing a more intensive spiritual encounter in a mini-retreat along the way, you may discover deeper insights and want to grow more in your relationship to God and the church. Each series is tailored to the experience of those who participate. Check out our most recent series here

Preparing for Marriage

Marriage is a significant step in life. In the Church, it takes on a special character that many in the world do not recognize. St. Luke’s provides suitable preparation, not only for the ceremony, but also for your life as a disciple. Click here for more information.

Preparing for the End of Life

In the preface for the Eucharist in the Rites of Christian Burial, we hear that for God’s faithful, “life is changed, not ended.” That change begins now as we live our lives as disciples of Jesus in this world. Preparing ourselves and those dear to us for the time when we will not longer be “in the body” is one of life’s most important tasks. St. Luke’s is currently developing extensive resources to assist our members and anyone else who seeks to fulfill this important responsibility in light of Jesus’ teaching and the Church’s practices. Click here to download a handbook to help plan for your own death or the death of a loved one.  

Other dedicated sections for Youth and Young Adults are currently under development. Check back frequently as these programming opportunities arise.