Good news? Really, now.

Good news! At least that’s what Gabriel called it. Good news, my ***! What sort of good news comes from nowhere, totally unexpected telling you that all of your plans and dreams are no longer valid-that everything you wanted is now at best “on hold” or more likely gone forever. 
That’s what I fear about such so called “good news.” 
Someone once said, “Be careful what you pray for, you just might get it.” Therein is the problem. Not  the”getting it” but what happens once the prayer is answered. That’s the funny thing about God and about grace–it’s free for the asking, but once you’re in…boy things do change.
It’s almost never what you thought it would be. It’s always different – and unexpected. Mary’s fundamental disposition was one of divine acquiescence. So when Gabriel pops into the picture, it’s almost a forgone conclusion what Mary’s answer will be. But I am not so disposed.
As I move through this time of seeking, and I seek to make that disposition of acquiescence to the divine will may await around the corner. Who will my Gabriel be? And what his or her message?

my own, I fear what “good news”

–read Luke 1:26-38

Source: Rector’s Blog

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