Church Growth and Development

Geeting Comfortable with techonology

Committee member Rose Brown leads a class on using technology to enhance our community life

The Church Growth and Development Committee is responsible for helping St. Luke’s grow as a faith community. The committee is a multi-disciplinary group that undertakes projects in information distribution, website and social media management, community interaction, advertising, and anything in between!  Since the projects of this group are so diverse, it is an excellent group for people to join since everyone would have a talent that would be beneficial to the group.  The group meets at least once monthly and is responsible for several special events during the year.

Some of our latest projects:

  • Enhanced social media communication 
  • Development of the parish’s web presence (website(s) and YouTube)
  • Live webcasts of worship
  • Special web-based programming in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Facilitating summer Church in the Park series
  • Fall “welcome back” celebrations

Current efforts:

  • Assist in meeting Begin Again! challenges to enhance our community’s emergence from the pandemic:
  • To Gather Differently and Better
  • To Seize Opportunities to Reach the Digital World
  • To Reconnect with the Community in Lebanon County 
  • To Take Prayer to a New and Powerful Level
  • To Rethink Our Facilities for Emerging Opportunities
  • To Make Lasting Changes That Will Make a Difference
  • Development of small intentional communities throughout the county
  • Developing synergistic partnerships with local organizations, institutions, and faith communities