Fresh Start Feedback

Quotes from Our St. Luke’s Volunteers:

  • Most significant for me was seeing firsthand how much like me these people are, how but for the grace of God I could have been in their circumstance. At the same time, I was very moved by their struggle just to get through each day, especially the mothers with children, and to see the impact on the children themselves. 
  • I believe that this is one of the most direct and meaningful ways our church can touch lives, not only through shelter, but also through face-to-face caring and compassion. 
  • The night that I helped at the shelter, there were several people there that I knew. I guess this was to be expected as I am a life-long city resident and worked in the city as well. They were from all walks of life and different ages. I talked with some of them and it made me feel good that they shared some of what’s been happening in their life with me. They are all good people, just down on their luck right now. I like the fact that we are helping Lebanon people in need. It was a wonderful experience for me.
  • On the cold evenings it gave me great pleasure to know that St. Luke’s opened their doors to those who needed a warm place at night.  It was exciting just exchanging ideas and thoughts with the guests on just the simple things in life  … books, food, movies.  
  • [The guests] were so appreciative of all that was offered.  The fact that the guests are homeless are not as unique as some might think.  It could be any one of us given the “right” situation. 
  • I was humbly proud to have the chance to help those homeless people for a couple of nights. They came to us with a magnificent attitude, like “here we are, what can we do to help you make this work,” instead of “take care of us.” It is quite heartwarming to find, and be able to help, needy folks with that attitude. In all my years at St. Luke’s, off and on from 1937, I have not seen our church do anything as worthwhile as helping this group of people. All our fellow parishioners should be as privileged as I to have this experience.
  • There is no more basic and uncomplicated way to help another person than to bring them in from the cold and offer a bit of food. This program allowed us to do that, smoothly and safely. I was amazed at the courtesy and gratitude shown to us by the guests, and by how little awkwardness I felt in their company.
  • I found myself tearing up a bit as I drove home every night, newly grateful for my own home and family, touched by the experience of helping these lovely people, and also mourning for all those still out in the cold.

 Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)

The Fresh Start program has moved to the Chestnut Street Community Center. Click here for more information about becoming a volunteer.