Strength for the Journey: A beginning

As has become my custom during the days of Lent, I hope to make a faithful pilgrimage with the people of St. Luke’s, Lebanon, as we Journey Deeper during this holy season.

To guide us along the way, I plan to use the reflections in Renee Miller’s Strength for the Journey, as a starting point. You may see a quote from Miller’s work from time to time as well as other sources that provide the meat in an otherwise “meatless” season (as in the old days of fasting and abstinence). I also hope to have an original thought or two along the way.

I hope that these blog entries help you as you seek to Journey Deeper with us this Lent. And yet, none of us makes this journey alone. If you find these reflections helpful, please share how with us in the comments section of the blog or on the linked portions of our Facebook page. Even more important, if you have a thought that arises from these starting points, please share it with us. We will learn and grow together as we share with one another the challenges we encounter on our Lenten pilgrimage.

As with any pilgrimage, we need to prepare ourselves for the journey. Here is a prayer to use in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday, the day we will launch out to Journey Deeper.

A Prayer for the days before Ash Wednesday

God Our Father,
As we prepare to begin Lent, help us to remember what these days before Lent are about.
We thank you first of all that you love all of us as your children, and that through the death and resurrection of your Son Jesus, we receive forgiveness for our sins. Help us to celebrate and live that message of forgiveness by forgiving those who have sinned against you.
Lord, we know that you created the world and you created us. You created all that is good for the body and the soul. Enable us to enjoy these few remaining days before Lent in a spirit of celebration of the goodness of your creation, so that, through our fasting and abstinence, we may come to an even deeper appreciation of all that you have given. 
We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. 

Source: Rector’s Blog

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