Seeing the Lamb of God

We live in a world with so much to see. There is so much that our brains actually play a large role in filtering out what we don’t seem to need at the moment. Because of that, we may miss something which is very important – but that the habits of mind we have don’t let us notice. In our baptismal covenant, we are charged to seek out the face of Christ in all persons. The fact remains, we see many people and they amount to little more than blank faces to us in the end. Yet, each one has the capacity to speak to us of Christ. Is this what John the Baptizer understood when he “saw Jesus walking by and said to his disciples, ‘There is the Lamb of God'”???

Maybe. Maybe it’s a reminder that we need to have different eyes – and to train our habits of mind to have different filters so that we can see “The Lamb of God” wherever he might appear to us – in the kind gesture given to someone else, in the destitute person we notice on the street corner, in the young girl pushing a stroller with a weeks old infant. Wherever he may be  . . .

Source: Rector’s Blog

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